About Us

Paragon Pools Lake City FL

Brent Handy

Brent has been in the inground swimming pool construction business in North Florida his entire adult life.  As a teenager, he went to work for a swimming pool contractor in Lake City, FL as his first real job.  In 2001, he went to work as a crew foreman travelling all over North Florida doing specialty pool construction for a multitude of other swimming pool contractors.  In 2007-2008, the economy changed.  Brent took advantage of this turn in the market to start his own business, Paragon Pools.  In order to not only start a construction business in those tough times, but to successfully grow the new business, Brent focused on delivering a quality product, and a construction experience that exceeded all expectations.  This has led to an inground swimming pool construction business that grows stronger with each passing year!


Tommy Jones

Thomas "Tommy" Jones has not always been involved in the swimming pool business.  In the early 2000's, Tommy was running a masonry business doing specialty, decorative concrete and waterfalls and such.  His first exposure to swimming pool construction was building waterfalls on pool construction projects.  Soon, Tommy gravitated toward the swimming pool construction.  In 2004, Tommy started a swimming pool company.  By 2006, his company was installing more inground fiberglass swimming pools than any other in North Florida.  When the market changed in 2007-2008, Tommy chose to close the business and get out of the swimming pool industry.


The Brent - Tommy partnership

Brent and Tommy met in 2001.  Tommy was installing waterfalls and decking on pools that Brent installed.  We became fast friends!  We talked about going into business together in 2004, but neither of us truly felt the timing was right.

Tommy came on board with Paragon Pools in spring 2017.

Together, we have a dynamic partnership!

Brent runs the "front side" of the pool installation.  Brent is directly involved with getting the pool shell installed and the yard graded out for the pool deck.

Tommy runs the "back side" of the project.  Tommy is directly involved with the pool decking, and cleaning up the pool from the construction mess.

Both Brent & Tommy take a "hands-on" approach to managing the construction.  We are both on jobsites every day.  In fact, it is not uncommon to see us working along side the crews!  

We believe this hands-on approach ensures that Paragon Pools offers a construction experience that is above and beyond all expectations.  It also ensures that Paragon Pools delivers the best pool installation, every single time!

Meet our Design Consultants

Andrew "Andy" Kunzie


Andy is based out of Orange Park, FL.

He is our primary design consultant.

Jerry Baker


Jerry is based out of Tallahassee.

He is our primary design consultant in the Tallahassee area.

Concheta Cole


Concheta is based out of Crawfordville.

She is our primary design consultant in Wakulla and surrounding counties.