There are many companies that manufacture fiberglass pools.  We do the most of our business with Blue Hawaiian Pools, their sister company Viking Pools, and WaterTite Pools.  

This does not mean that you should only consider these 3 companies when looking for your dream pool!  We have complete confidence in the products offered by all of the manufacturers linked below.  Paragon Pools will be in the swimming pool business in North Florida for many years to come, and we would not sell or install a product that we do not have complete confidence in.

Each company has shapes, sizes, and colors that are exclusive to them.  Often, the final decision comes down to finding the perfect pool model.  The choice can be overwhelming!  

Primary Fiberglass Pool Shell Manufacturers

Blue Hawaiian Pools

Blue Hawaiian Pools Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

 Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools is our go-to vendor for fiberglass pool shells.  We consider Blue Hawaiian Pools to be the best in the industry. 

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

Viking Pools

Viking Pools Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

 Viking Fiberglass Pools is a sister company to Blue Hawaiian.  Viking Pools are every bit as good as Blue Hawaiian Pools. 

Viking Fiberglass Pools

WaterTite Pools

WaterTite Pools WaterTight Pools Paragon Pools

 WaterTite Pools only has a couple of shapes and sizes of pools to choose from.  But, their pools are extremely well built!  They are also extremely competitively priced pools. 

WaterTite Fiberglass Pools

Additional Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

Custom Fiberglass Pools

Custom Fiberglass Pools Tallman Pools Paragon Pools

Custom Fiberglass Pools has many unique sizes and shapes.  There manufacturing facility is located in South Georgia.

Custom Fiberglass Pools

San Juan Pools

San Juan Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

San Juan Pools is one of the most recognized names in the fiberglass pool world.  Their reputation speaks for itself.  They have a large selection of models to choose from.

San Juan Fiberglass Pools

Alaglas Pools

Alaglas Pools Alaglass Pools Alaglas Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

Alaglas Pools is a fantastic company based out of South Carolina.  

Alaglas Fiberglass Pools

Imagine Pools

Imagine Pools Imagine Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

Imagine Pools is unique in that they only have a couple of shapes, but they have multiple sizes of each shape!

Imagine Fiberglass Pools

Sun Pools

Sun Pools Sun Fiberglass Pools Paragon Pools

Sun Fiberglass Pools is another manufacture that only has a couple of shapes and sizes to choose from.  They also choose to focus on producing a quality product as inexpensively as they can.

Sun Fiberglass Pools